Hardy Frame Lateral Resisting Systems


No other system
stacks up.

Our Hardy Frame line is the only complete line of lateral force resisting products that meet all needs of the light-frame wood construction industry; from single family homes to multi-story, multifamily complexes. The strength, stiffness and ductility of the Hardy Frame load spectrum of solutions maximizes window and door openings without compromising structural integrity.

  • Solve better architecturally.
  • Design with new possibilities.
  • Utilize a more economical solution.

Hardy Frame Complete Line of Lateral Solutions

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The new, stackable cold formed steel frame makes larger windows possible in multi-story construction by distributing compression over more wall length while providing lateral load resistance and uplift forces over multiple floors.

Hardy Frame® CFS Picture Frame

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This new pre-engineered, pre-manufactured Moment Frame is designed for narrow wall lengths with high capacities at big cost savings over structural steel. It's a standardized frame that is easy to ship, install, and inspect.

Hardy Frame® CFS Moment Frame

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The Hardy Frame Panel comes in widths of 9", 12", 15", 18", 21" and 24." Visit our Hardy Frame website for more details.

Hardy Frame® Shear Wall Panels

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A state-of-the-art, pre-fabricated, pre-engineered system with SidePlate® moment connection technology. Visit our Hardy Frame website for details.

Hardy Frame® Moment Frame

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Used in multi-story buildings to transfer uplift tension forces caused by earthquake and wind loading to the foundation. Visit HardyFrame.com for details.

Z4 Tie-Down System

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Resists lateral loads in both tension and compression. Visit our Hardy Frame website for more details.

Hardy Frame® Brace Frame

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