MiTek Floor Truss Advantages

Superior End Reactions 
Superior end reaction capabilities eliminates the need for additional structural band-board, web stiffeners, squash blocks or blocking panels.



Gable ends or "Ladder Truss" 
Gable end floor trusses, sometimes called "ladders", provide a strong alternative to large dimensional lumber for parallel closure. Gable end trusses are manufactured along with the main span trusses, ensuring matching height and can include built-in ribbon details  



Open Webbing is Trade "Friendly" 
Open webbing provides great benefits to plumbers and electricians, without the need to spend time cutting holes in floor members. Less cutting reduces jobsite labor and reduces potentially critical errors that could result in compromising the structural integrity of the components.



Versatile Floor Depths
Versatile depths allow floor systems to incorporate sunken floor areas into system. Walls can be framed at a standard height and "steps" in the floor system can be created by the depths of the floor trusses, saving the framer time and the builder money.



Superior Cantilever Distances
Open-web floor trusses provide superior cantilever distances.  Far greater than EWP and conventional framing. Cantilevers can include built-in details such as dropped top chords for balcony decking. Open-Web floor trusses can support greater concentrated loads to carry bearing walls and roof loads from above.



Floor Truss Cantilevers
Floor truss cantilevers can support greater concentrated loads at the end of the truss than conventional framing.



Built-In Ribbon Notch for ease of installation and proper edge nailing
Floor trusses feature a built-in ribbon notches that can be built to receive any dimension of 2x lumber desired.  Continuous ribbons provide stability for installed trusses, and also provide solid nailing surface for the edge nailing of floor sheathing. This eliminates the need for larger and more expensive "band-board" solutions required by dimensional lumber and other engineered wood products.  



Built-in Beam Pockets
Customized beam pockets can be designed into floor trusses to accept various materials inserted through the webs. Trusses can be designed to support load-bearing headers at openings or to carry other floor trusses.  Dimensional lumber can be "threaded through" the webs to create exterior balconies that run perpendicular to the direction of the floor trusses. This versatility allows the builder multiple options for framing today's complex building designs, and saves him money on labor and time to complete the required framing.



Keyed Bearing Detail
"Keyed Bearing" or "Shared Bearing" details allow two different floor trusses to share the same interior bearing and stay aligned, eliminating the need to stagger or overlap the two trusses. Sheathing installation is much easier because the supporting trusses line up, greatly reducing the need to cut special sheathing pieces to complete the subfloor. The result is a cleaner detail, with full bearing while reducing labor and material usage.



Floor Panels
Floor panels can be manufactured at the plant and will dramatically decrease installation time. Floor panels typically 10' wide and are lifted easily with a crane. In the above picture all the continuous lateral bracing and x bracing was built in reducing installation labor even more.