Set a new standard of speed and accuracy. Improve your business workflow. Optimize your structural framing. Build a better business.

Business Benefits

A Better Way to Build

Leverage a better way to build - one that combines the industry's top workflow software, the enhanced speed of precision-crafted off-site construction  technology, and a complete range of engineered connector solutions to optimize your structural framing. 

  • Improve the speed and accuracy of your design, estimating, purchasing and construction processes.
  • Differentiate your business with better technology.
  • Design your homes with more precision, and construct them with more predictable, profitable results.

Better Technology. Better Building.

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Control your construction process and speed up cycle times with MiTek® software.

  • MiTek KOVA, for a single unified system, option on option ERP in a single database.
  • MiTek SALES SIMPLICITY, CRM and Sales Management for builders of all sizes.
  • MiTek BLACKPOINT for lot level specific plans that solve for all option combinations based on a sales contract.

Off-site Construction

Precision-crafted structural framing allows you to build custom homes at production-home speeds. 

  • SAPPHIRE-driven component manufacturing in every major market.
  • BIM-driven, integrated components that complement your materials packages.
  • Reduce labor and overall weight of the system with the Posi-Strut Floor Truss System.


Extend your team - scale up quickly without adding overhead.

  • Engage our team for: design, drafting, estimating and administrative services.
  • Custom construction-based service solutions for businesses throughout the world.
  • We know and utilize hundreds of major software platforms, such as: AutoCAD, Revit, Buildsoft, SAPPHIRE®, Autodesk, Revit and more. 


We offer a complete range of trusted, code approved, engineered products from advanced seismic solutions to anchoring solutions.  

  • MiTek Lateral Systems
  • MiTek Structural Connectors
  • Snappy™ Pipe, Fittings and Duct Systems
  • Structural Fasteners and Construction Adhesives

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