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Designed specifically for floor truss assembly

  • The system features MiTek's latest RailRider Pro tables that offer variable sizes and improved pneumatic options. 
  • The table comes in multiple lengths, all with gantry head parking areas.
  • Pneumatic jigging has automatic depth adjustment for jigging two trusses.
  • The air cylinders are placed under the table for added space and additional safety. 
  • Scanners on each side of the press head keep employees safe while also preventing equipment damage.

RailRider Pro Overview Video

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The press, designed specifically for floor truss assembly, presses plates on two trusses on any given pass. After placing members on the infeed side of the table, the operator uses the supplied radio-controlled remote to activate pneumatic cylinders that clamp the boards together. The clamp automatically adjusts for the truss width.

  • Connector plates are placed on the face-up side of the truss and the press head rolls over the truss to completely embed the plates.
  • Optional pneumatic pop-ups or flippers assist in flipping the truss over onto the outfeed half of the table where the plates are placed on the remaining side of the truss.
  • At the same time, a second truss is being assembled on the infeed half of the table so both trusses can be pressed at the same time.
  • Once the process is started, a completed truss comes off the table on every pass of the gantry head.
  • On-table splicing can be added so no dedicated splicing station is required. Top and bottom spliced chords can be processed with a pass of the head while trusses are being built on the table.
  • An overhead plate rack greatly reduces non-value-added motion.
  • On end-eject systems, a flip-stop is included on the end eject end of the outfeed side so there are no tools needed to remove jigging before ejecting the truss.
  • A radio-controlled remote is supplied for the pneumatics on each side of the table, plus and an extra set for spares.
  • The 40' table features 42' of jigging space and comes equipped with gantry head parking areas on both ends.
  • The truss can be ejected off the end or the side of the tables using optional rollers to assist the process.
  • Consistent plate embedment is achieved with a 24" diameter roller press.
  • An electronic soft-start cushions startup and shutdown shock, prolonging the life of your machine. 
  • The press head travel is controlled by a pendant. The pneumatic jigging and ejection devices are operated by a radio-controlled remote.
Physical Data 2
Dimensions of Gantry
10' 3" wide w/platform
Roller Size
24" nominal OD
Roller Material
1" steel
Roller Bearing
Shaft Diameter
4" continuous shaft
Throat Opening
7' 4" wide, covers both sides of table
Performance Data
Speed of travel
100 ft per minute (see Options)
Lumber capacity
Trusses 9-1/2" to 24" wide (see Options)
Motor startup control
Direction of travel
Left and right
Pushbutton station at operator platform and Pneumatic controls on pedestal (see Options)
Industrial brake for rapid STopping

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