COMPLETE Machinery Solutions

COMPLETE Machinery Solutions

Machinery Products
When you purchase MiTek machinery, you get heavy-duty reliability and serious support. You also get the most choices to ensure you have the equipment that's right for you and your plant. Because of the depth of our product choices, they are divided into five categories. Click on the category menu on the Machinery page to view our product lines.

Get the Complete “Feet-on-the-Ground” Roof Truss-Building System!
Click on the links below for everything you need for a complete roof truss-building system. Review your own system to determine what you're missing that will put you ahead of the competition, or use this as a guide when starting up a new plant.
MatchPoint BLADE Saw or Cyber A/T Saw
One of these saws is an absolute must.

Stand-Alone Conveyor 
Powered exit conveyor to transports truss from Press to Finish Roller

Finish Roller
Double pinch-roller force finishes embedding plate teeth to their full set point

Horizontal Stacker
Stacks finished trusses from 16' to 60' long horizontally (flat), swing arm unloads to either side of conveyor.

Peak-Up Stacker
Raises and stacks finished trusses from 16' to 60' long peak up.

Add our portable site press to your line for doing quick repairs at the conveyors, on the stackers, or in the field.


Find out EXACTLY what the right system would consist of.
EXACTLY what it would cost.
AND, how it would impact your bottom line.