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    The BLADE™ Name

    • This system is so unique, it remained unnamed until late in the Beta phase. It was difficult coming up with a name that reflected all there was to say. When it comes down to it, simplicity says it all. It is a saw blade that cuts lumber. That is what’s most important to our customers, so that is what’s most important to us.  

      But it is truly so much more than that. We refer to the overall piece of equipment as a wood processing system because:

          It is management system. 

                      It is a material handling system.

                                It is a communication and organization system.     

                        It is a method of improving employee-to-production ratios.

                              It is a computer that does all the hard thinking for you.

                                 It is a material conservation device (a tree-saver).

                              It is an everything’s going my way feeling.

       And it's called the...


      But in the center of all that, it is still a saw blade that cuts lumber to the exact specification needed at the exact time needed. And so, we affectionately call it the BLADE™

      Notice, though, that BLADE is only its last name. Its full name is the MatchPoint BLADE™ wood processing system. Anyone who has used the MatchPoint PLANX automated jigging system will understand why we included the BLADE in the same family.  They are both pieces of the perfect building components plant, and they are the exact two pieces that have the most potential for improving productivity. The MatchPoint BLADE wood processing system merges the MatchPoint integrity with the simplicity of a saw blade.


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