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  • MiTek’s Machinery Division offers the most complete, the most reliable, and the most productive component manufacturing equipment in the industry. Our partnerships with Virtek, Tekset™, and MangoTech™ have expanded our product lines even more and allow us to provide a truly "full-service" experience. Whether you're trying to reduce operating costs, increase productivity in your existing space, or building a new plant...MiTek can help every step of the way.

    Machinery Division also provides the best customer support in the industry. Warranty programs, tools for ordering the right parts, and the use of Webex or remote operation are just some of the ways we get you back up and running as soon as possible. But, we don't just specialize in selling and repairing equipment. We want to be a partner for reducing injuries and preventing the need for repairs. We provide written and multimedia tools for safety and operator training, as well as detailed preventive maintenance and troubleshooting procedures. 

  • PLANX with Virtek
    MatchPoint PLANX in MiTek Table and
    Virtek TrussLine Laser Projection System  

  • Find all of our machinery products and services in the menu under Machinery, or take a moment to learn about the benefits of Incremental Automation below.

    Incremental Automation...Automating at Your Own Pace

    Automation can be an expensive investment, but it doesn't have to be. There are many different ways to make small changes that can increase production, reduce man-hours, and improve communication throughout your plant. Automating at your own pace in the areas that will get you the fastest ROI is the way to turn a profit in this tight economy. Our products are designed with that in mind.

    For instance...

    • You can add Virtek projection lasers or Trussview software to your existing table line to speed production, decrease errors, and improve communication. Learn more at the Truss Assembly or Wall Panel product lists.
    • If you don't want to replace your truss assembly table line with newly designed MatchPoint tables, you can retrofit your existing tables to include PLANX™ automated jigging.
    • You can add MatchPoint tables, with or without PLANX installed, to lengthen your existing line and gain an additional setup.
    • You can add a new Blade™ linear saw to speed the cutting process and reduce lumber waste.